Bill Grundler’s Master Experience Seminar

Join Bill Grundler, Competitive Masters Athlete and Coach to learn about longevity in CrossFit. Not just for masters athletes but for anyone who would like to benefit from the wisdom Bill has gained over the years of participating in the sport to help you stay healthy and continuing to make progress. Aging, recovery, training and mental toughness is all on the agenda.

Are you a Masters Athlete, soon to be a Masters Athlete, or coach Masters Athletes? Do you have dreams of competing in the CrossFit Games or just being better for many more years? Well then, you need to think and train like a Master!

The Bill Grundler Master Experience Seminar is real world information from someone who is right there with you in age. Bill has been a competitive CrossFit since 2009, has been to the Regionals six times placing as high as 5th in SoCal, was the 2nd Fittest Man in the 2015 45-49 Masters Division, has won the Open and the Online Qualifier twice each in the 45-49 Division, is the CrossFit Games Men Commentator and Analyst, is a longtime Coach, a retired Fire Captain, and box owner of CrossFit Inferno (est 2008). It doesn’t make any sense to take advise from a 25 year old when you are 48. They don’t really understand what we feel!

We look at the Good/Bad/Ugly of getting older, the difference between Chronological Age and Athletic Age, Recovery, Injury and Mobility, Nutrition, Dangers of Stress, Movement Scales and Modifications, Programming, and Strategies. We will have a Movement and Mobility Assessment Session, a pre-designed workout, and a class designed workout.

This seminar has been held all over the world and is the ONLY thing out there for Masters Athletes to get real world information!

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